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Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Advice for the Newly Ordained.

Love the members of your congregation. You won’t like some of them. Thank them regularly and often for what they do. People yearn to be thanked and acknowledged.
Write them emails and/or notes when they do something important or just thoughtful.

Make sure the liturgy is graceful, sacred and fun.

When you preach, do not do Bible Study in the pulpit. Get a major point from scripture. Illustrate it, make it concrete and apply it to the listener’s life. Tell stories. Say things about yourself. Listen to and critique other preachers. That is an excellent way to improve your own preaching. Read a book about preaching. Better yet, write one.

People love to be asked to help. Ask them.
Learn to enjoy asking for money. People don’t give if they are not asked.

Avoid unnecessary meetings.
When leading, be prepared and keep them brief.
Do ONE thing in and for the Diocese. Don’t let it suck you dry.

Do not let your spiritual life wreck your social consciousness.
Pray the way you can, not the way you can’t

Your number one priority is your family.


Friday, June 02, 2017


A Serious Christian – Climate Change

To love one’s neighbors, means to allow them to breathe.
Compassion means to assure clean water.
Healing means to assure people do not get sick.

The President apparently believes the world is not a global community but “an arena where nations, nongovernments actors and businesses engage and compete for advantage.”

Christians decry injustice and greed. We support equality, reverence and strive  for goodness. We seek community and cooperation.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017


Why the hate, the anxiety and paranoia? There is real danger afloat by our present leadership. But why the worry, the unease, the passionate distrust? Watching the president and his gang on TV is the culprit. Every moment spent watching the lords of misrule burns into our eyeballs and brains hateful long-lasting images. The more we watch, the more these people influence our anxiety and us. Get our news from newspapers, not TV or computer screens. Reading the newspaper allows us to pick and choose what and how much news we want to see. On TV we are at the mercy of the newscasters and politicians whose images etch into our brains. Newspapers and the printed word set us free to choose. Newspapers manipulate, too. But we can read or not. On TV we have to take what we get.



People thrust into our minds these days are IMMIGRANTS. The President is waging war on illegal immigrants, insinuating all of them are criminals, drug abusers and cheats. The immorality of classifying one group of people by the bad behavior of a few is screamingly clear.

The fact that Republicans have repeatedly cut funding for the immigration service in the US. It has been easy for many determined people get into the United States or remain here because enforcement of laws again illegals has been sporadic. This crackdown is cruel because many children born of parents who are illegal immigrants face deportation even though they have never lived anywhere but in the United States.

A member of our parish, who is gay, was beaten almost to death in Honduras. If he is deported he faces certain rank discrimination, perhaps death on his return.

Daniella is an illegal. She fears deportation back to El Salvador and she and her daughter Lily face mob rule and sexual abuse at the hands of gangs roaming that country. US President Ronald Reagan spent years and money destabilizing that country as they had a communist leaning regime.

Many have pointed out that the agriculture industry in California and in many Border States depend on immigrant labor to accomplish harvests.

When the father in a family is deported, his wife and children remaining have no source of income and will have to go on welfare. Such cases have already been reported in the media.

Statistics indicate the flow of Mexicans into the United Sates has decreased. The flow of Mexicans going back to Mexico has increased. Our elected Republicans leaders pay no attention.

It appears that our leaders play on the prejudices and fears of the few in order to exert power over the poor and disenfranchised. Leaders want to win elections and make money by harping on popular issues, which are unconstitutional and unjust.

I hope the American Civil Liberties Union and other rights organizations fight these matters in the courts to the fullest extent possible.


I am a preacher. The IRS can take away my church’s tax-exempt status if I endorse a candidate or specific legislation. I am a citizen of the United States and pay federal and state taxes. The congress has not passed legislation prohibiting my free speech. It is non-elected hired help in the IRS who attempt to limit my expression of opinion and threaten my church. I support all efforts to keep my speech free.